Rakhi, also known as Raksha Bandhan is a festival celebrating the relationship between a sister and her brother. Read this article and rest of the sections to learn more about it.

Rakhi Date

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Of all the important relationships that exist, it is the relationship between a brother and his sister that remains one of the most endearing one. The innocent little fights as kids, but furiously fighting with the ones who dare raise a finger at her. The growing up, envious of the things she had and you didn't but striving to bring everything at her feet when you are actually on your feet. And transforming into a fatherly figure from a nuisance child and sweeping clear the path for her for a strain free walk. It's the growth cycle of a boy, becoming into a brother that every sister looks up to at all times: good, bad, or worst. The festival of Rakhi is the only one, enlightening and celebrating this bittersweet relation between brothers and sisters. Also known as Raksha Bandhan, with the words 'Raksha' meaning 'Protection' and 'Bandhan' meaning 'Ties', it connotes the same: a silent oath by a brother towards his sister to protect her at all the times.

And this oath is fulfilled on the day of Rakhi, which falls in the month of Shravana according to Hindu calendar (July-August according to Gregorian calendar) on the full moon day (Shravana Purnima). The preparations of it start a good 20 days before the actual date and the festive spirit begins to soar. Then on the day of Rakhi, generally morning, the sisters across India, ties the sacred thread of rakhi around their brothers' wrists. This act is more than just that, for it's a symbol of the silent prayer that a sister makes for her brother, asking God to bless him with long and healthy life. On the brother's part, it is a vow to guard her against all malice and keep her out of harm's way. Apart from the actual thread tying ceremony, exchange of gifts, eating sweets, and dressing up to the traditional best also add to the vibrancy and joy. Explore rest of the sections that we have in store for you to know better about the history, significance, and various other aspects related to the festival of Rakhi.

Raksha Bandhan Date From 2016 to 2025
2016 : 18th August
2017 : 7th August
2018 : 26th August
2019 : 15th August
2020 : 3rd August
2021 : 22nd August
2022 : 11th August
2023 : 30th August
2024 : 19th August
2025 : 9th August