Rakhi art & crafts gifts are IN this season. Sisters and brothers who prefer to surprise their brothers and sisters with their own creative side go through this article.

Art & Craft Gifts

Rakhi is a festival which reminds everyone of the sweet bond shared by brothers and sisters. This bond is symbolized in the form of a silken thread which a sister ties on her brother's wrist. This string signifies a sister's silent prayer for brother's wellbeing and safety and a brother's promise of insuring sister's safety and wellbeing throughout life. This festival knows no bounds of caste, religion, creed or belief and is celebrated with great pomp and show in India and abroad. Also among the popular new traditions is the act of gift sharing. Gifts, on this day, are exchanged freely among kin and neighbours. These are mostly bought from the markets but if prepared by the brothers and sisters themselves, the importance of them increases manifold. So here we are, listing a few gifts which can easily be prepared without many hassles.

Raksha Bandhan Art & Craft Gifts

Rakhi Scrapbook
Rakhi is a festival which brings back memories from the past and takes the brother and sister to a wonderland of their childhood. Hence, what better gift is there than preparing a scrapbook album of your old photographs together and gifting it to her, or him, this Rakhi? You can always add a touch of your creativity by applying paints and textures to it. For added effect, write in beautiful handwriting a message for her/him that she remembers from your childhood memories.

Handmade Rakhi Card
Rakhi cards are a nice way to express your feelings for your loved sisters, or brothers, especially if they are away. But, even if they are not, you can still certainly present them with this handmade marvel. You will need several kinds of decorative paper and a lot of skills to make it possible. However, with a number of online tutorials on handmade cards to help you out, it is not that much of a difficulty. You just need to be a little creative and your imagination will take care of the rest. And you can always stick a rakhi at the face of the card to give it the right feel.

Handmade Rakhi
The string of Rakhi is the symbol of the love which is shared by a brother and sister. There are a number of sentiments attached to this string, which is why a sister always tries this string to be the most beautiful band that his brother ever wears. There are a number of rakhis which are available in the market made up of pearls and expensive metals, but there isn't a parallel of the one made by a sister's own hands. A brother will always cherish and admire the effort that went behind the precious little string.

Rakhi Thali Decoration
It is a gift of a different kind. Like the thread of rakhi, a rakhi thali too, is an in-the-moment kind of gift: both are essential part of the rakhi celebrations. It is not much as utilized as the emotions and reverence behind it is felt. Sisters decorate this thali with all their talent and patience. And the decorative stuff which is used to embellish the plate is golden frills, sandalwood, roli, watercolours, and traditional stuff like betel banana leaves can also be cleverly used. Flowers too, are an important part of the thali decoration. A painstakingly decorated will convey your emotions more than actual words.

Apart from the above, arts and crafts, not necessarily related to Rakhi, can also be prepared by either or both to be presented on the day of it. A few examples would be Decorative Candles, Hand Print Wall Painting, Paper Bouquet, Animal Pillows, and Woodwork Gifts etc, procedures to make which can found online and learnt at ease.