What can be a better idea than gifting your loved ones cake on this festival of Rakhi? Read on the article to know more about the different kinds of cakes for Rakhi.

Rakhi Cakes

Rakhi brings with it a wave of joy and happiness. It's a festival which reminds each one of us about the golden thread biding a brother to his sister or vice versa. But gone are the times when tying a red thread on the wrists of brothers and receiving their blessings were more than enough for the day. Unlike those days, today, with full effect of modernization and wide exposure to westernization, festivity has changed a lot. It begins with full demonstration of lavishness in decoration of homes and is reflected in more than one ways throughout the celebrations. Presenting cakes to your loved ones is a common tradition among youth of cosmopolitan cities and the trend is getting more popularized throughout India with amplified interaction with the west. The festival of Rakhi too, hasn't been excluded from this growing tradition. Here's a list of variety of cakes to gift your sister on this Rakhi. Check them out!

Cakes For Rakhi

Black Forest Cake
The cake best suited on such occasions is the black forest cake. This cake, with a number of chocolate layers and light and fluffy whipped cream is near perfect gift to celebrate the festivity of the day. The taste of maraschino cherries on the top of the cake will make the event more cheerful with its sweetness.

Butter Cake
The cheesiness of butter and sweetness of sugar will make Rakhi all the more colourful and delighted. Give your family a treat of butter cake on this day and win over their hearts. If you find a butter cake coated with dry fruits then it will make the festival even more luxurious.

If you want to serve your family with a cup of cake for every individual rather than a full plate of big sized cake then cupcake can be a good option for you. Typically made of sugar, butter, eggs and floor like larger sized cakes, it will delight the entire family. Isn't this cake a perfect gift? Yes, try it on this Rakhi!

Carrot Cake
As the name suggests, it is a cake with carrot as the main ingredient. However, the presence of other ingredients like nuts, raisins, pineapple, and coconut in the cake will make it even more finger-licking and delicious. A perfect treat for your sister and entire family!

Chocolate Cake
On this Rakhi, try the timeless flavour of melted chocolate or cocoa powder to sweeten the day even more. What's more, the blend of fudge and vanilla cream in chocolate flavour will make it a sure shot hit among children and teens. Along with your sister, delight the adults, and the kids in your home and within you.

Fruitcake, prepared with the help of chopped crystalline fruits is yet another favourite dish among cake-lovers. Gift a fruitcake enriched with fresh fruits, nuts and spices and see the magic that ensues. Rakhi can't be fruiter than this!

Pineapple Cake
For people with preference for eggless cakes, pineapple cakes serve the best. Crushed pineapple with a blend of butter and sugar will cater to the taste buds of entire family, making the inherent sweetness in the day even sweeter. Try it on this Rakhi and make the day a memorable one.

Honey Ginger Cake
Have you ever tasted a spicy cake? Not Yet! So, this Rakhi is the time when not only you and your sister but also your whole family would taste the delight that is a spicy honey ginger cake. Mainly made up of cocoa, honey, golden syrup, black treacle, dark brown sugar, and rich spices it will make the festival evening a sparkling one, and more cheerful. Give it a try on this Rakhi.