This Rakhi, let chocolates express love for your sister on your behalf. Explore the article on chocolates for Rakhi.

Rakhi Chocolates

"Giving chocolate to others is an intimate form of communication; a sharing of deep, dark secrets." - Milton Zelma
The significance of the festival of Rakhi lies in the strong bonding of love and care between siblings, brothers and sisters. And the best way to communicate the feelings of this pure and unconditional love is through chocolates. So, now, when the festival season is at the threshold of its commencement with the advent of Rakhi festival, wouldn't you be like to welcome it with a special and personalised touch, making your beloved sister, or brother, ever cheerful and blessed? Yes? That's the spirit! Rush to the nearest store and buy some trendy chocolates for the occasion. But if you are stuck as to which chocolate you should pick from a large pool available in the market then we are here to help you out. The following section of this article on chocolates for Rakhi is exclusively for you. Scroll down the article to know more about various chocolates to be gifted this Rakhi.

Chocolates For Rakhi

Milk Chocolate
A solid chocolate made of milk powder is another tantalizing chocolate that you can gift your loved ones on this Rakhi. Unlike dark chocolates, milk chocolates contain only 20-25 percents of cocoa solids and are more preferred by the sweet tooths. Surprise your sister and entire family with a number of milk chocolates and see their lips curling in delight.

Unsweetened Chocolate
The unsweetened chocolate can be a very different experience to taste on the occasion of Rakhi. Indeed, it is pure chocolate liquor amalgamated with some form of fat to solidify it. Best for diabetic people or those who want to keep their body fat to bare minimum. A perfect chocolate for the joyous occasion of Rakhi, keeping getting fat in check!

Raw Chocolate
Raw chocolate, in its unprocessed and natural form is indeed very pleasing to the mind and body. What's more? It also has the least harmful effects on the body. This healthy chocolate, therefore, is another good idea to gift on Rakhi to your sister and rest of the family.

White Chocolate
A pale yellow appearing chocolate made up of cocoa butter, milk and sugar is another of the option to gift on Rakhi. This type of chocolate, devoid of any cocoa solids is often preferred by people who do not like the taste of them. Also, the absence of caffeine has significantly contributed to its popularity.

Dark Chocolate
As exquisite as it is though, not everybody has a liking towards chocolate that is dark. A dark chocolate, bittersweet or semisweet, with almost null amount of milk is known to have some benefits also other than more than making up for the festival spirit of Rakhi. It helps the skin glow as well as improves the mood. Considering all this, why don't you try dark chocolate this festival Rakhi, making all of your family members overjoyed?

Their Favourite Chocolates
On this day however, the best chocolate would be the chocolate of their choice. So, make an effort to know the personal preference of each of the member, starting with your sister. It could be anything from dark to milk to white. The best way to go about it is to prepare a gift basket filled with their favourite chocolates. Go ahead, get down to business and make this Rakhi a memorable one for your sister and rest of the family