If you are thinking of gifting your sister something unique then think Rakhi decorative gifts which are in fashion this season.

Decorative Gifts

Rakhi is the festival which concentrates entirely on the relationship between a brother and sister, the relationship which has all the colours of emotions in it. Be it joy, be it anger, be it love or be it small squabbles, this relationship has it all. The band/string/thread of Rakhi is a symbol of a sister's love for her brother and also, is a gentle reminder for the brother promising the safety of his sister. Brothers and sisters across the world wait for this day entire year and celebrate it with great zeal and enthusiasm. On this day siblings gift each other generously with all kind of gift items. So, at times, it becomes really difficult to choose which gift to give. But if you want to surprise your sister, or brother, you should stick with gifting a decorative gift item this Rakhi. But gifting a decorative item can also be confusing for you. Hence, here we are, helping you out with minute details. Have a read!

Raksha Bandhan Decorative Gifts
  • Folk puppets are a gift which looks marvellous decorated at homes. It gives the house a traditional look and if mixed with right combinations, it creates an ambiance of the country life of India inside the house. There are available, a variety of Rajasthani folk figures which go great with certain living room decor. Most of these are wall mountable and hence making space for them in your living room will not be a difficult task.
  • Wall hangings are evergreen decorative gifts which suit every occasion and hence can readily be gifted on Rakhi too. Holy figures embossed or pasted on it are quite popular and so, are frequently gifted on all such occasions. Apart from that, wall hangings with traditional Indian folk depictions or any other folk craft give the room a unique ambiance.
  • Wood carved objects are in fashion and look great with almost any type of traditional or modern décor. Most items of this craft are wooden carvings of animals or folk patterns. However, wood carved model planes, cars and bicycles are also popular gift items. And all of these items give the room a warm touch of the countryside.
  • Hindu deity idols can be great gifts on the occasion of Rakhi. An idol of Lord Ganesha is considered to be auspicious and usually He is the first God who is worshipped as he is considered the bringer of good luck. Other than Lord Ganesha, the idols which can be gifted on this day are Goddess Saraswati, Lord Shiva and Sai Baba. These deities, to those who revere them, give the room a touch and feel of tranquillity and spirituality.
  • If your sibling is a connoisseur of art then what will be better than gifting him/her with a masterpiece from his/her favourite artist. It is at times difficult to find an original from an artist or it might be that the works are too expensive. In that case there are imitations of popular paintings from renowned artists available in the market. Just get any one of these framed into a nice frame and gift it to your sibling.
  • Feng shui items are quite popular nowadays and are easily available in the market too. These items are basically used to correct or revitalize the flow of positive energy into the house. So consult a feng shui expert and get your sibling a feng shui charm which can be used to decorate your home with and to bring in the positive.