Gifting flowers is now the part of Rakhi as shows the love and affection towards your sibling. Learn about the various types of flowers which can be gifted on this day.

Rakhi Flowers

Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious occasion, an important Indian festival, based on the wonderful relation of brothers and sisters. The tying of the rakhi thread (a symbolic ritual) on the wrist of a brother by her sister represents a two-way promise. While sisters pray for wellbeing and long life of their brothers, brother, on the other hand pledge to stand by their sisters, acting as a protective shield, guarding them from every vile. Apart from this heart warming sentiments, gifts too, form an important part of Rakhi. And among all of them, gifting flowers was, is, and will remain an invaluable idea. Flowers represent a symbolism and meaning within them, of calmness and serenity and when gifted, show the intense love and care towards the other. Sending a bunch of flowers to your brothers or sister in this auspicious day along with sweets and other gifts is a lovely gesture. So, this Rakhi, surprise your brother or sister with a bouquet of flowers and brighten their day. Some of the flowers which can be gifted are given below:

Rakhi Flower Gifts
There are many options as to which type of flowers to gift your sister, or brother with. Flower bouquets with designer rakhis, chocolates with flowers and flower pots, rakhi along with floral arrangements or a bunch of flowers are some of the options.

Orchids - One of the most beautiful flowers is the orchid. They are known for longer lasting and its captivating beauty make it an ideal gift for your sibling.

Daisies - Daisies represent purity and innocence and same is the festival of Raksha Bandhan which symbolizes the purity of a relationship between brothers and sisters.

Hydrangeas - This flower signifies heartfelt emotions of the relation and can be gifted to express gratitude towards your sibling for his/her undying care.

Sunflowers - Sunflowers, bright & cheery, represent warmth and happiness. Truly, a warm and caring gift to give! So, gift sunflower to cheer up your sibling on this festive day.

Lilies - The flower lily symbolizes happiness and prosperity. Gift this flower to your brother or sister, wishing him/her with everlasting happiness and prosperity.

Rose - Roses, the most loved flowers in the world, represent love, courage and respect. Gift a bouquet of different coloured roses to show your feelings towards your sibling.

Tropical flower - Tropical flowers like rhizomes, gingers, heliconias, tulips etc are famous for their fragrance and exquisite beauty, which will brighten up the Rakhi for your beloved brother, or sister.

Carnations - Known as 'Flower of Love' or 'Flower of Gods', a carnation flower is suited for all occasions. It signifies emotions of love, fascination and distinction. Perfect for the occasion of Rakhi!

Gerbera - A gerbera daisy flower is a symbol of love, cheerfulness, purity and innocence, and gifted specially to lift the spirit of others. It also symbolises friendship and good luck. Let them convey your emotions this Rakhi.

Mixed - When in doubt about what type of flowers to gift, send a mixed bouquet of different flowers. However, be careful to avoid colours that the recipient doesn't like.