Gift hampers have taken over the festivities of Rakhi like a storm. Browse through the article to know more about Rakhi Gift Hampers.

Rakhi Gift Hampers

Preparations for Rakhi begin days before the actual celebration, and so is the purchasing of gifts for one another. This festival, which lasts for an entire day in India, is for the remembrance of the unconditional love between a brother and a sister. On the day of it, the sisters tie rakhis, a sacred thread, on the wrists of their brothers and perform a puja, praying for their brothers' happiness and goodwill. The brothers, in turn, take a pledge to protect their sisters against all odds and give them gifts in return. Cherish this loving and sacred bond between brothers and sisters by giving them the best gifts this Rakhi. You can choose a gift for your brother depending upon his taste: whether he is a gizmo freak, a music lover, a brand conscious dude or a bookworm; or gift your sister with clothes, home appliances, cosmetics, jewellery, gadgets etc. Some of the options from which you can choose are given in the next section. Read on.

Gift Hampers For Raksha Bandhan
The items that are mentioned below generally make up for the collection in a gift hamper. Some may offer all of them in one basket while others, only a few. These ready-made gift hampers are risky business though, for there's no guarantee that the recipient will love each item present in it. So, it's best to shop for the items (as many as you like) personally and then consort them together in one big basket, or small one, your call. Here are the items:

Bags and Wallets
Gift your sister a leather bag based on her likes. There are many good brands in the market; you can select from any which one. And for brother a good leather wallet or a professional bag is a great idea. Before going for it though, sneakily confirm about his/her preferences for a bag or wallet.

Cakes & Chocolates
During the festivals, a number of brands come up with different types of chocolates. Select according to your choice from decorative chocolates and cakes to mix flavours and fulfil the desire of sweet tooth in your sibling, and the entire family. Pack in his/her favourite chocolates or flavours of cake.

Gift your brother or sister with a beautiful and trendy watch. Indian markets of today are filled with national as well as international brands. One or the other is sure to catch your sibling's attention. Keep his/her preferences in mind while shopping for it.

Who doesn't like gadgets? An ideal gift for the perfect occasion, gadgets, ranging from mobiles, music player, and tablets to laptops or gaming consoles are a good enough gift to cheer up your sibling. Pack one, or more, according to your budget in the gift hamper and then Surprise surprise!

Perfumes or Accessories
A good perfume for your brother or sister from a cool brand will fill the day with fragrance of love. Apart from perfumes one can pack in the gift hamper for his sister accessories like belts, scarves, sunglasses, and bags etc of her choice. Brothers too can be gifted with them, apart from scarves of course.

Sweets or Dry Fruits
Trying to enjoy any festival without sweets or dry fruits is a half hearted attempt. Add sweetness to the day of Rakhi by gifting traditional sweets such as laddus, barfi, katli, rasgullas, and gulab jamun etc. Apart from traditional sweets, dry fruits such as cashews, raisins, almonds, etc walnuts also make up for good gift hamper ingredients.

Books and CD's and DVD's
For those who love to read, you can pack in the latest in the series of the one he/she is reading, or a famous book or a random, depending on reader's choice, which you think he/she is most likely to buy. Apart from books, one can pack in CDs or DVDs of latest music, movies, shows, or educational CD's or DVD's.