Bring joy to your sister's face on the festival of Rakhi by gifting her with a unique gift. Read this article to know about a few Rakhi gifts for sisters.

Rakhi Gifts For Sisters

Brothers, on this day are much excited in giving a Rakhi gift to their sisters after the sisters have tied the sacred thread around their wrists. The sisters on the other hand eagerly wait for the moment. Exciting as it may be, it's not easy for the brothers, as the task of selecting a gift has many scratch their head. However, it will not be a problem now as we have some great gift ideas which will not only be accepted with great enthusiasm by the sisters, but will cater to budgetary limit of all the brothers. After all, it's not about how much money has been put in by you, but the feelings and sentiments, of your love and care, behind the gift(s). Here are some interesting and different gifts, some of which you may have never given before. Check them out and then decide what suits your pockets and her needs.

Rakhi Gift Ideas For Sisters

Women love jewellery, and young women or teens, are more often than not aware the trends of the time. So, take up the task of keeping your sister up to date, fashionably, by gifting her with shining jewellery. Chains and pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, bands, and bangles made up of either gold or silver, or diamonds are your choices.

If your sister is a book addict (many girls are) then there's nothing better than gifting a good book that will have her curl up and shut up. Just kidding of course! Just make sure to find the correct genre which she likes, whether it is chick lit, fiction, health related books, or the current bestseller in the international market.

Candle & Candle Holders
A nice looking and smelling gift which will soothe her mind, scented candles and candle holders, are among the most adorable and affordable gifts indeed. As all women love candles, you don't have to worry whether she'll like it or not. Go to the nearest store or a mall, where you're likely to come across a good candle selling shop. Make a purchase, gift, and watch her senses light up with a dazzling smile.

Digital Camera & Photo Frames
Digital camera is the best way to capture the memories and cherish them in the days ahead. Also, pictures from your childhood together are more than likely to be loved by her. Find a cute picture frame, get some good old photos printed and your personalised gift is ready. A photo frame is easily available, look for trendy. You can also go for a digital photo frame, which will be slightly on the expensive side.

Discount DVD's
If your sister is a movie freak and likes to collect DVD's then discounted DVD's would be a great gift to give. Depending on her age, the choices are endless. Like classics for the older one, a holiday flick for a sentimental sister, and a teeny romance one for someone young. You can get good discounts at websites like eBay and Also check out the local stores.

Personalised Stationery
For girls who love to write, a personalised notebook or note cards with her name imprinted on it definitely makes up for one of the best gifts to give. If your sister is one of them, rest assured the gift will be adored by your sister. There are websites that make customised stationery items which are not too expensive. Include letterheads and a good pen and it will be the perfect gift.

Coffee Or Movies Gift Certificates
For coffee addicts and movies buffs of a sister, a gift certificate is a unique idea. Your sister would be glad to go to her favourite coffee house or watch the latest movie coming up without you having to bother about the choice of gift. It's never this easy, the task of selecting a gift, is it?