Handbags & Wallet can be a good gift option to present to your sibling.

Handbag & Wallets Gifts

Rakhi is a festival for brothers and sisters to show their love for each other. So, a sister ties a silken string to the wrist of her brother to remind him of their auspicious relationship. A brother too, acknowledges this bond by taking an unsaid oath to protect his sister during all odds. Apart from the acknowledgment, there is also an exchange of gifts between brothers and sisters. And speaking of gifts, it will be odd not to speak about handbags and wallets which are really in season. But, shopping for them is much trickier than it seems as you need to consider of a number of things before making a selection call. The first being what type of a handbag will suit your sister. Similarly, choosing a wallet can also be a big problem as men are really particular about the kind of smart accessories they carry. So, we here, are providing you with a list of types of handbags and wallets which you can refer to before actually shopping for one.

Raksha Bandhan Handbag & Wallets Gifts Ideas

Gifting a Handbag
While shopping for handbags, you, at least, should be aware of the types of handbags available in the market. So here is a list of types of handbags that you can gift your sister with.
  • Most common is the shoulder strap bag which has a single or a double strap and goes over the shoulder. Can be worn with casual apparels like jeans.
  • Handbags are supposed to be worn on the upper wrist area and need to be carried instead of slinging from the shoulder. They are chic and can be worn with semi-formals or formal attires.
  • Satchels, used mostly by students or during picnics, have a long strap and lots of space. They go really well with casuals or semi-traditional attires.
  • Hobo, a half moon shaped bag with a shoulder strap can be carried with a traditional kurta and a long skirt.
  • Clutches are strapless purse which are, as the name suggests, supposed to be clutched. But these only go well with the formal attire.
  • Tote is on open mouthed big bag with shoulder strings used mostly to run errands. Casual attire suits it best.
  • Beach Bags as the name suggests are casual bags made of jute or cloth. Are mostly used for picnics or places where one needs to carry a lot of stuff. A fashionable beach bag looks charming on a beach.
Gifting a Wallet
Selecting a men's wallet can be a difficult task if you have no experience in shopping for them. Know a little about these before actually shopping for them for your brothers.
  • Bi-fold wallets are folded from half and have spaces for currency, cards, photographs and coins.
  • Tri-fold wallets are folded into three equal parts giving more space for currency and cards.
  • Breast wallets are comparatively bigger and look like a pouch in which you can put cheques and currency bills without folding.
  • Kept in front pockets, Money clips are used only to store money and don’t store anything else.
  • Band wallet is an especially formed leather rubber band used to store stacks of currency.
  • Chain wallets are usually bi-fold wallets which have a chain attached to them, as a security feature.
  • Wrist wallets are unique as these are attached to the wrists of the users and keep the hands free.
Consider your options well before making a purchase. And consider what your sibling would prefer or has been complaining about for some time. This Rakhi, delight him/her with a branded handbag or wallet and make the day for him/her.