This page, Rakhi Gift Ideas, and the related sections bring into light the many gift ideas that are waiting to be grabbed on this coming Rakhi.

Rakhi Gift Ideas

India is a land of many festivals. You name the occasion and the country will serve you one right on the platter, each lavishly decorated and celebrated with as much fervour as the rest. Among these festivals, there's one called Raksha Bandhan, or Rakhi, as it is popularly known, which stands out as the only festival in the world that acknowledges the relationship shared between brothers and sisters and celebrates it will aplomb. It's a special bond this, what a brother shares with his sister, filled with every human emotion that you can think of. Those who have a nibbler of a sibling(s) know it to be true. Despite of the ever-present annoying little habits of a brother or sister, it's the best ones that consume the day of Rakhi. And to symbolize this bond, there is band, a thread (of rakhi), believed to be sacred that a sister ties on the wrist of her brother. On a sister's part, it represents a silent prayer that she sends upwards, asking for her brother to be blessed with a long and happy life. And on a brother's part, it's a promise to abide by her in times of distress, even littlest.

All this, however, is a part of traditional Rakhi celebrations. With the world slowly but surely sinking into one large piece of interconnected dimension, there's nothing hardly anything traditional left about it. That's a good thing! Evolution is non-human too; everything evolves. The festival of Rakhi has too. Make no mistakes; the heart is still there with the noblest of expressions of love and gratitude for each other. It's just that the modes, apart from the rakhi tying ritual, have taken different forms and now form the crux of the day. So, when the thread of rakhi has been tied to a brother's wrist, begins the fairly infantile tradition of gift sharing. The heart that we talked about, to see a beloved sister or brother smile gleefully, is here too. The gift, the reason behind the smile, could be anything: from dazzling jewellery to a handy ultra-modern gadget to fulfilling sweets and what not. Everything you want to know is here in the many sections we have arranged for you. Explore them, explore the unique experience of having a brother or sister by your side, explore Raksha Bandhan!

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