The best gift for Rakhi is what your sister can utilise to the fullest. Scroll down the article to know more about the personal care and beauty products as Rakhi gifts.

Personal Care & Beauty Products

The festival of Rakhi comes with a spirit rejuvenating the sweet bonding between a brother and his sister. No matter how many birthdays you have celebrated; on the day of Rakhi, you become the same child you were, teasing your sister, but also showering your undying care and love to her. In the same way, your sister too waits to receive that small gift from you on the eve of the festival, no matter what her age is. When such a strong and loving bond exists between the two of you, would not you be like to make this Rakhi a memorable one for your sister? Of course you would! Well, there are a large number of gift packs and sweet packs available in the market for the cause. But conventional ones aside, we suggest you go for something different. If your sister is conscious about her appearance (as almost all girls are) then better go for personal care range for her. The silent message that you care for her will be conveyed automatically. Scroll through the next section to know in brief about the magical personal care and beauty products to gift on Rakhi.

Personal Care & Beauty Products As Rakhi Gifts

Hair Care Gift Hamper
Growing up with your sister, you'd probably know the relation between her and well, not you, but her hair. Understanding this need and craze among females, marketers have come up with a number of gift hampers exclusively combining a bunch of hair care products into ready to gift boxes. Either that or you can also choose individual packs of these hair care products. Some of these products are:
  • Shampoos and Conditioners
  • You can gift her combo pack of branded shampoos and conditioners which would make her hair shiny and silky. Make sure that you know the regular products she uses. If it’s a new brand you are going to gift her, take care that it is mild enough to not harm her hair.
  • Hair Serums
  • Help your sister get rid of frizzy and dullness in the hair by gifting her with a branded, good quality, and low on chemicals hair serum. Let her control them and regain the confidence she lost due to those dull-looking hair.
  • Hair Dryer
  • Wet hair is uneasy to care and handle for. Make your sister’s life easy by gifting her with a hair dryer with which she can control the shape and style of hair as per her needs.
  • Hair Straightener
  • If you have heard your sister complaining about curly hair, or if she likes to make her hair extra straight then gift her with a branded hair straightener. She would never forget the impressive gift and would love and revere you even more for this.
  • Curling Iron
  • Girls love to play with their hair.  Curling, straightening and styling them in different ways is their favourite make up tool. Surprise her with a gift like curling iron which would reflect your care and love for her.