Apart from being mouth watering, Rakhi sweets are also considered auspicious as they go along with the rituals of the festival. Listed in the article are a few popular sweets.

Rakhi Sweets

The festival of Rakhi is the one, and only, which reminds everyone of the soulful relationship shared by a brother and his sister. This festival celebrates this relationship in all its spirit and brings in picture of the otherwise unsaid emotions between them. On this day a sister ties a silken thread on the wrist of her brother and prays of his success and wellbeing, reciprocating to which the brother takes an unsaid oath, abiding to which he promises to help her in every little distress. After tying the Rakhi on her brother's hand the sister feeds him with traditional sweets and vice-versa. These sweets are an integral part of this festival or celebrations and hence, are exchanged and gifted freely on the day. Different sweets are popular in different parts of the nation but there are a few that have made their way into almost every home, irrespective of parts and cultures of India.

Raksha Bandhan Mithai

It's a sweet delicacy which is savoured in all parts of India and is widely available during the festival season and otherwise. These white coloured spongy balls prepared with milk and soaked in rose, saffron and cardamom flavoured sugar syrup are mouth wateringly delicious and taste best when served cold.

Soan Papdi
Made of gram flour, sugar, ghee, milk, and cardamom, Soan Papdi is yet another delicacy of the highest order. Even with of a crisp layered texture which is formed because of the presence of gram flour, it melts right down to a cocktail of aromatic flavours in your mouth. The sweet's ability to survive for longer periods without being refrigerated makes it an ideal sweet to gift on Rakhi.

Gulab Jamun
Prepared with white flour and milk solids (Khoya) soaked in hot rose, cardamom or saffron flavoured sugar syrup; Gulab Jamuns are among the finest sweetened ecstasies famous across India. Gulab Jamuns are easily available at traditional sweet shops all around during the festivities and are best served hot with the syrup.

Kaju Katli
Kaju Katli, a sweet variant of the popular Indian sweet Barfi, is more popular than its parent and is perfect for all occasions, including Rakhi. This mildly sweet with a milky taste with a major flavouring essence of cashew is prepared with of course - cashews, and sugar, cardamom, saffron, ghee and milk powder. Rhomboidal or square in shape, Kaju Katlis, garnished with edible silver foil which lends them their distinct flavour are considered very auspicious to be gifted on the day of Rakhi.

Modern Sweets
With the changing times, the way to celebrate a festival too is changing. The traditional cards are being replaced by e-greetings and mobile messages, and similarly, the traditional sweets are being replaced by other modern sweets such as chocolates, cakes and candies. These modern sweets have much longer shelf life and are better enjoyed especially by the younger generation and therefore, are considered among the best for sending as a gift.