Confused about what to gift your sibling on Raksha Bandhan? Don't be! Watches are a great gift to give. Read this page on Rakhi watches gifts to know more.


Like most of the festivals in India, Raksha Bandhan too, is a festival in which gifts are exchanged. This tradition is been continuing from ancient times and still going on. Every year people who have been practising these traditions for long and the new ones too, give gift to their near and dear ones, including of course, to their brothers and sisters. And talking about what gifts to give, one may be out of options or may think that a watch is too common a gift. Yes! It may have become a little common, but not out of fashion. A classic gift remains a classic no matter what. And a watch is an important accessory which one can have. An essential style statement and an object that shows the attitude and personality of a person, it remains. We are here to help you out in finding the perfect watch that can be gifted on this day. Explore the article and find out new options and latest styles going on in the market.

Rakhi Watch Gift Ideas

Watches for Brothers:
What kinds of watches are good, and how to choose them for men? There may be a lot of questions in your mind after you have decided to gift a watch to your brother on Rakhi. What jewellery is to women; watches are to men. It is more than just an accessory. So, you should choose the perfect watch that will embrace your brother's image. However, you should also know that it easy to get lost in the innumerable watches available. That is why it is necessary to choose an appropriate watch model that will perfectly suit his style and clothes.

Mostly, men are interested in designer watches. They have been known to be a status symbol for men. Also, a watch lasts a lifetime, so one has to do a little preparation and research before making a purchase. After fixing the budget, you must also keep in mind the personal style of the receiver, the occasions he wears the watch for and other factors which you think would be necessary. And when you have given the perfect watch he always wanted, it would make it his treasured accessory.

Watches for Sisters:
The case is just the opposite for women! Watches are one of the many accessories that women wear. But it is also one of the prominent pieces of jewellery for them. A fashionable watch for the fashion conscious sister or a formal watch for a professional sister, choice is yours. Choosing from a bunch of brands on the market is quite a difficult job as every brand has its own particular style; you just have to select which you think will suit your sister the most. It also depends on the moolah which you are ready to spend. Another thing is the features; women generally prefer the simplest features, but the style should be elegant and jewellery like. Whatever decision you make, remember that a good watch is a quality investment.

Considering everything there is to be because a watch, as a gift, selected with a lot of thought and care, putting the recipient's needs in place, is the one of the best gifts you could give to your brother, or sister on Rakhi.