Geographical and cultural boundaries are not valid when it comes to celebrations of Rakhi. Read this article to know more about how it is with Rakhi around the World.

Rakhi Around The World

Such is nature of Indian festivals that no matter in which part of the globe an Indian is residing in, he will see to it that along with the luggage, the traditions and the spirit of the country too has been bundled up inside his heart before setting foot on the foreign land. 'How else am I to stay connected to my roots?' is the honest inquiry, and rightly so, why should he or any Indian for that matter leave behind what is rightfully his. After all, it is these very traditions, enrooted deep in the mythological and historical times that have helped India gain its individuality. We stand out; and it's our customs, our festivals, that had put us on the map when we, as a nation, were in incubation: striving economically with little development. Forsaking them will be like denying acknowledging our home as our mother! Hardly any Indian, living abroad, will be able to do so. And among all the traditions and festivals, there remains one, maybe the sole on earth that acknowledges the loving relationship between a brother and his sister. The world may have given us Mother's Day and Father's day, but it is us, Indians, who have given them Rakhi: a festival to celebrate the eternal bond of love and protection between brothers and sisters. And it is no surprise that around all the continents of the world, the festival of Rakhi is celebrated by the Indian community with as much fervour that is seen in India.

Raksha Bandhan Around The World

Rakhi In Nepal

Apart from India, Nepal is the only Hindu Country in the world. Apart from the local community that celebrates the festival of Rakhi with soaring spirits, there also are many Indians residing in the land that add a new high to the celebrations. The way it is celebrated, is more like on similar terms with as it is celebrated in the Northern and North-West part of India. Sisters in Nepal, not only tie Rakhis to their brothers, but also to those who are a Brotherly figure to them.

Rakhi In Europe
European countries, especially UK, France, Italy, and France (more so in England than anywhere else) have a fair bit of Indian population residing in: some residents and some non-residents. Nevertheless, the festival of Rakhi is not some strange act in these parts, and apart from Indians, even some of the locals are aware of the existence of a day that celebrates love between brothers and sisters. It is one of the festivals that is awaited eagerly by Indians and celebrated with marked enthusiasm.

Rakhi In US & Australia
Apart from, well the obvious, India, Nepal, and England, if there are two continents in the world where there lives a considerable amount of Indian population; it is the United States and Australia. Similar to how Rakhi is celebrated in India, the celebrations and rituals in these parts (celebrated only by the Indian community of course) are not much different and it is with great spirits that all of it takes place.

Rakhi in South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, & Maldives
Durban, in South Africa, is known as mini-India. A home apart from home for the Indians! Countries like Malaysia & Singapore too have fair number of Indians living there for long. And Dubai and Maldives, although with major population comprising of Muslims, have Indians to make up for the minority. Though in all these countries, Rakhi is not as famous as it is in India; many Indian organizations in these parts organize events to celebrate the festival.