Fill in the distance between you and your brother or sister with these Rakhi Card Greetings.

Rakhi Cards

Rakhi is one of the most popular festivals in India. And like all other major festivals, this one too is celebrated with great pomp, zeal, and with indifference to caste, creed, and language. Sisters wear bright new clothes and adorn their houses with brightly coloured decorations. However, it's the string of rakhi, holding a reservoir of emotions, which forms the crux of the festival. It's synonymous to the relationship between a brother and sister. On this pious occasion, if unfortunately you are unable to be with your beloved brother or sister then you can always send your wishes through greeting cards. No matter how far away you are in distance; cards are perhaps your best call to express your feelings to your loved ones when you cannot reach them.

Rakhi Greeting Cards
In the times we live in, fast and hardly any time, greeting cards have taken hold of major portion of the market along with the major items like rakhi threads, traditional apparel, sweets, and decorative items. This trend too, following the footsteps of how the greetings card for Mother's Day and Father's Day invaded the market and made it their own, has knocked on our doors. They are an unavoidable fad! These cards now serve as a convenient and beautiful means to convey the sea of feelings from one end to the other. And these cards too, have taken all sorts of forms and are now available in all shapes and sizes, colours and designs, conventional and wickedly naughty, and in many languages including English and Hindi.

It doesn't end here though. The card manufacturers, with brilliant ideas at their disposal, have now entered a hybrid category under the Rakhi Greeting Cards. The cards not mere cards now but come attached with rakhi threads and little pouches of roli-chawal, to be mixed with water and applied on forehead of a brother, as a tika. Greeting cards, playing a little musical medley upon opening are also available, though their market has not yet come to full scale. All these cards, can either be purchased from the local shops and couriered, or you can directly select them over the internet, add a personalized message, and request it to be delivered anywhere in India. There are some websites that also deliver abroad.

Rakhi Homemade Greeting Cards
If market made greeting cards doesn't feel like much of an option with a personalized touch then you can actually do the real thing - homemade rakhi. It's not that difficult to make. If you possess a creative edge then you can easily make one yourself. But if you want some guidance to be given to you then you can always go back to the internet, where many websites teach how to make a rakhi yourself. The steps are easy to follow, with option to choose multiple designs of varying difficultly. Choose the one that appeals to you the most. Your brother is sure to love your personalized touch on the rakhi her wears. If this too, doesn't seem feasible enough there is a quicker way - e-cards.

Rakhi E-Cards
Internet and its advantages are hidden to none. And because of it, the geographical boundaries have been dissolved. No matter in which part of the world your brother is, you can send a greeting card and he can read it almost instantly. It's possible via sending an e-card, which is the quickest way to deliver greetings on rakhi. The pattern involves a short animation with music and audible greetings followed by a set greeting message in text (many are available). Many websites give this service free of cost, just select the pre-made e-card, add in your personalized message, send it to your brother's email address, and voila, greetings delivered. If not together with your brother, what better could you ask for than for your greetings to be instantly delivered?