Planning to present a home-made gift to your brother this Raksha Bandhan? Read on to know how you can make use of the spare materials for creating a home-made gift.

Rakhi Crafts

Craft is that branch of art which involves human skills to create something innovative from scrap or raw material. We learnt paper folding at school level, but that is origami at very basal level. It gives an opportunity to bring out a new idea or renovate an old one. Craft is an area where you don't require special skills. All you need is a little focus and practice; and your craft is ready. Why not utilize it to make beautiful gifts for our brothers and sisters this Raksha Bandhan? Raksha Bandhan is a festival of showing affection and spreading warmth over your sibling(s).The day is celebrated with sweets prepared at home or bought from sweet-shops. Schools also celebrate Raksha Bandhan and organize competitons; such as, rakhi making, rangoli making, and henna competitions. So, sisters can make many things at home for their brother and brothers can also pamper their little sisters by making something innovative for them. Let your skills take a dive in the ocean of imagination and gift your sibling something handmade.

Homemade Rakhi Crafts

Make Rakhi

You can use red thread as base and then apply glitter and shells on to it. You can cut the paper in circular shape and paste a toy car on it for your baby brother. You can also use cartoon cut-outs from magazines and newspapers to make your own rakhi. And in case your brother falls in the age group above 20 then decorate the rakhi with leaves, ribbons, shells, stones or any other thing that makes it sober.

Rakhi Cards
Use chart papers and pastel sheets to make beautiful rakhi cards. You don't have to be a painter. Apart from paintings and drawings, there are various other methods to create a card. Pasting some decorative material with a pattern will make the card look prettier than a painting or a drawing.

Photo Frames
You can make photo frames using wooden sticks, different textured papers, glitters, beads, stones, ribbons, etc. You can also try making photo albums by sticking some pictures; make a story out of it and cherish the loving memories of your childhood.

Jewellery Box
All the brothers can use this idea to make their sisters happy. All the girls have a good collection of earrings and neckpieces but most of them don't have a place to keep them intact. So, why not make a jewellery box for her? She will adore you for this and will also praise your creative side.

Paper Bags
You can use the old papers or newspapers to make paper bags. Decorate them water colours, designs, magazine cut-outs, and sparkles. Your brother or sister can carry their lunch in these bags when going to office. Moreover, it will make you and your brother or sister follow the environment safety rules.

Glass Painting
How about painting a glass that your brother or sister can frame and use as a showpiece? It will not only remind him or her of your love for them, but will make their home beautiful too. So, get some glass colour and draw any painting or texture on the glass.

Gift Box
You can make a gift box out of old sari box for your brother or sister and keep your present in it. This way you will be gifting them with two presents to their delight.

Wall Hangings
You can also make some decorative wall hangings using cardboard, colourful sheets, sequins, glitter, and other craft materials. These make for real attractive pieces. Follow the theme of rakhi while creating the wall hanging.

You can even make a collage out of your pictures. Stick pictures of every rakhsha bandhan that you celebrated, starting from your childhood. Think of a theme and map around it. Let the wings of your imagination spread and show on the collage.

These crafts will surely help you in making an out of the box gift for your brother or sister. Take pleasure in the praise and love you will get afterwards and pat your back.