Browse through this page to know about what different kinds of Rakhis are available in the market around the time of festival or Raksha Bandhan.

Types of Rakhi

The festival of Raksha Bandhan, or Rakhi, as it is popularly known, is a day all sisters in most part of India wait eagerly for. It's a festival, whereby sisters tie an intricately (sometimes simple as well) designed threads called Rakhis, which connote an eternal bond between sisters and their brothers and the latter's unsaid oath to protect her from every harm. However, the act, which used to be simple in the earlier times, has now evolved into a much more and it shows. The collection of different kinds and designs of Rakhis that is available in market around the time of the festival is huge, and caters to the preferences of one and all. They are now in Gold and in Silver, of sandalwood and of precious and semi precious stones, in floral designs (with actual flowers and artificial) and the musicals, and what not. Read the following section and enlighten yourself with what all kinds of Rakhis are available in the market.

Different Types of Rakhi

Floral Rakhi

Flowers are divine, innocently beautiful and eternally charming. And they compliment the traditionalism of the festival like none other. Floral rakhis, both, made of original fresh flowers and artificial (but scented) become a rage around the festival. Buy a floral rakhi for your brother to keep things simple yet heart warming, how about it?

Sandalwood Rakhi
Made up of little decorated pieces of sandalwood, beaded together beautifully on a colourful thread make for one of the best rakhis. It doesn't come off that easily, and the light sense enlightening aroma of the sandalwood keeps the ethnic look intact. Designs of little animals, idols, and flowers etc are available in the market. Go for it!

Stone Rakhi
It's expensive, yes, but when was a thread, beaded with precious and semi-precious stones, shining brightly on the arm of a brother you love, as the precious little rakhi itself, stopped a sister for shedding a bit of currency. If the thought appeals to you, you can also go for your brother's birth stones embroidered on a rakhi.

Musical Rakhi
Yes, it's a rakhi that emits music on the slightest sense of touch. Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? Well, wait till you get your hands (pun intended) on the real thing. Available in many wonderful designs with different musical skits, on the hands of your brother, playing soft music, it will be even more orchestral. Specially fun for your little brothers!

Resham Rakhi
Thin or thick and many designs in the offering; this rakhi, made of silk thread is one among the top choices for brothers from almost all age groups. These rakhis are extremely feathery to touch and even softer to wear, and not to mention that they look shiningly stunning. Any second thoughts? There shouldn't be!

Gold-Silver Coated Rakhi
Celebrate rakhi in the Royal Way with these metallic, gold or silver plated rakhis. Again, expensive, yes, but the glittering gold and shimmering silver coating on them will pretty much silence every raising questions about losing your pocket weight. That's not it though for these rakhis, intricately decorated and at least one of the many designs is sure to string the chord.

Zari Rakhi
If the Gold and Silver coated rakhis are out of budget then the market also has Zari rakhis to offer to you. Instead of the metallic design, the thread, on which splendidly designed beads are placed, will be boasting a Gold or Silver coating that is neither heavy on the pockets nor on your brother's arms. Comfortable to wear and exotically beautiful, available in almost all designs!

Cartoon Character Rakhi
Okay, this one is purely meant for the kids. The cartoon character rakhis, obviously, as the name suggests, have beads or miniature soft toys like designs, designs of the popular cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tom & Jerry, Winnie the Pooh, and many more. The little ones are sure to have a blast with these rakhis. What more can a sister could ask for than to see her little brother jumpily joyous.